Mortgage Mondays with Steve!

Mortgage Monday: Refinancing

Why you should refinance now!

Don’t assume you don’t qualify for a mortgage!

So many people make the incorrect assumption that their credit will not qualify for a mortgage. Watch this two minute video and find out why you’re probably wrong!

10/29/19 #MortgageMonday: Foreclosures, Bankruptcies and Short Sales, Oh My!

Ever wondered how long you have to wait to do a mortgage after you’ve had a foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale? Whether it’s conventional or FHA, this 3 minute video will tell you everything you need to know!

10/21/19 #MortgageMonday 5 Ways to Reduce your Property Tax Bill!

Learn 5 guaranteed ways to reduce your Florida property tax bill right now!

9/30/19 #MortgageMonday When is the best time of year to refinance?

When is the best time of year to refinance your mortgage?

9/23/19 #MortgageMonday What happens if my home doesn’t appraise?

What happens if your home doesn’t appraise? We’ll take a look at the perspective of the seller, the buyer and someone looking to refinance.

9/9/19 #MortgageMonday

Today we’re taking a little deviation from our regular mortgage Monday show to bring you a Motivational Monday show!

9/2/19 Mortgage Monday: Hurricane Dorian Edition

#MortgageMonday 8/19/19: Major Announcement: HUD to allow FHA loans on condos!

Effective October 15, HUD will allow spot condo approvals for individual loans. That means the entire condo building does not need to be approved any longer and we can approve an individual unit for a…

Mortgage Monday: 8/5/19

Will the Feds decision to reduce rates last week affect mortgage rates?

Mortgage Monday 7/29/19

3 Most Common Questions Before Applying for a Mortgage

Mortgage Monday: Refinancing

Why you should refinance now!

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