About Us

When most people think about who’s going to provide the mortgage for either the purchase or refinance of their home they think RATES. They think: “who is going to provide me with the LOWEST rates possible”. Unfortunately this is the worst possible way to think. Here is why: You see there is no mortgage company in their right mind that is going to tell you that their rates “AREN’T” the lowest. The fact is, they all advertise the lowest rates in town! When in reality, all of us mortgage companies have pretty much the same programs. There it is, we said it! It’s true, that names of lenders may vary from brokerage to brokerage, but in the end, it’s the industry that dictates which loan programs and products need to be introduced, and which ones will fizzle away. So with that being said, what then should you be looking for? The answer to that question, is three fold: EXPERIENCE, REPUTATION, AND INTEGRITY. Unfortunately, in this day and age of here today, gone tomorrow financial institutions, these valuable attributes have become nothing more than buzz-words. Having no real meaning, and having forgotten their value, companies now wield these words indiscriminately with no regard for what is to be expected from them for wearing those badges.

Here at Streamline Financial Group, we have not forgotten what these words mean. We actively seek out opportunities each and every day to embody and demonstrate our values. When you speak to one of our representatives, it is guaranteed that you will speak to someone with no less than 10 years of EXPERIENCE in finance. Our REPUTATION is solid. With thousands of local as well as national contacts and clients we are proud to furnish you with references upon your request. Our INTEGRITY is unquestioned. We will always return your phone calls within the same business day (usually within the hour). This also means that we KEEP our promises and representations. We understand that keeping this promise to you is what will bring you and your friends and family back to us again and again, and we don’t take this lightly.

We are keenly aware of the fact that there is no shortage of places for you to take your business. It is because of this that we guarantee our service, and deliver on our promise. Thank you for reading this, and we would be delighted to hear from you. Call us today.